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13. května 2007 v 10:16 |  Amon Amarth
http://www.hell-music.lt/images/tekstai/Cover-amon_amarth-with_oden_on_our_side.jpgWith Oden On Our Side
Valhall Awaits Me
Runes To My Memory
Hermod's Ride to Hel (Lokes Treachery Part 1)
Gods of War Arise
With Oden On Our Side
Cry of the Black Birds
Under the Northern Star
Prediction of Warfare
Fate of Norns

An Ancient Sign of Coming Storm
Where Death Seems to Dwell
Fate of Norns
The Pursuit of Vikings
Valkyries Ride
The Beheading of a King
Once Sealed in Blood
bonus DVD Disc (limited edition only)
Amon Amarth live at Grand RokkReykjavik:
Death in Fire
The Last with Pagan Blood
For the Stabwounds in our Backs
Masters of War
The Sound of Eight Hooves
Versus the World
Victorious March
Versus The World

Death In Fire 4.56
For The Stabwounds In Our Backs 4.57
Where Silent Gods Stand Guard 5.47
Versus The World 5.20
Across The Rainbow Bridge 4.49
Down The Slopes Of Death 4.08
Thousand Years Of Oppression 5.40
Bloodshed 5.15
And soon the world will cease to be 6.57

Recorded at Berno Studio
Produced by Berno and Amon Amarth
Cover by Tom Thiel and Thomas Everhard.
Out November 18th in Europe.
The US release is set to mid January 2003.
The Crusher

Bastards of a lying breed 5:33
Masters of war 4:33
The sound of eight hooves 4:50
Risen from the sea 2000 4:26
As long as the raven flies 4:03
A fury divine 6:35
Annihilation of hammerfest 5:02
The fall through Ginnungagap 5:21
Releasing Surtur's fire 5:25
*The eyes of horror
Recorded at Studio Abyss in November 2000.
Engineered by Lars Szöke and Mixed by Peter Tätgren.
Mastered at Cuttingroom by Peter In the Betou.
Bonustrack "The eyes of horror" recorded at Das Boot studio.
Cover by Tom Thiel and Thomas Everhard.
Layout by Thomas Everhard.
The Avenger

Bleed for ancient god's 4:31
The last with pagan blood 5:39
North sea storm 4:55
Avenger 7:11
God, his son and holy whore 4:00
Metalwrath 3:49
Legend of a banished man 6:08
*Thor arise 5:07

Recorded at The Abyss studio, March 1999
Engineered and Mixed by Peter Tägtgren
Mastered at Cuttingroom Stockholm by Peter In The Betou
Cover and layout by Thomas Everhard
Once sent from the golden hall

Ride for vengeance 4:28
The Dragon's flight across the waves 4:33
Without fear 4:50
Victorious march 7:56
Friends of the suncross 4:42
Abandoned 6:00
Amon amarth 8:06
Once sent from the golden hall 4:11

Recorded at Abyss Studio autumn 1997
Engineered by Peter Tägtgren.
Cover by Peter Kinmark.
Sorrow throughout the nine worlds
Sorrow throughout the nine worlds 3:51
The arrival of the fimbul winter 4:26
Burning creation 5:04
The mighty doors of the speargod's hall 5:43 Under the greyclouded sky 5:38

Recorded at Abyss Studio November 1995
Mixed and engineered by Peter Tägtgren.
Cover by Amon Amarth, Layout by Honvie

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